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How it started

SCIM was founded on 25 May 1921 with the patronage of the then Colonial Secretary, Honorable Edward Brandis Denham. The first president of our association was Mr George Antelme. SCIM’s vocation was to preserve the interests of hunters and to support protection of the natural environment and of its fauna (including quarry), as well as to promote assistance and knowledge sharing among members.

The island was then a British colony – after having been under Dutch and then French rule. Hunting for deer, wild pigs and hare was then already a well established tradition and participated in the control of the population of these wild animals that would be a nuisance for endemic plant and animal species and in fields if left unchecked. Moreover, hunting parties were a great social and sports activity.

Hunting has actually always been practiced in Mauritius since the fist visitors set foot on it. 

They needed meat for their immediate consumption and for refilling their ships’ stocks for the long journeys in the Indian Ocean. Birds and small animals were hunted at first.

The first colonisers, the Dutch, brought in the Rusa deer from Java in 1639, and later some boars. The island’s first residents as well as the crews calling to Mauritius thus had a better reserve of fresh red meat available.

Introduction of boars in the forests and adding pigs to the imported livestock ultimately led to the emergence of a mixed breed called « wild pig », which became part of the island’s wildlife, replacing the boars as time went by and becoming a sought-after game. The Rusa deer also had a booming population. Its numbers as well as its size and cunning abilities make of it the king game in Mauritius.

SCIM was founded on 25 May 1921


During the 102 years since its inception, SCIM has always worked on defending the rights of its members. It has developed and entertained good relations with the island’s authorities – from the time it was a Brisith colony to the the post-Independence era since 1968.

SCIM’s number of members across Mauritius now stands at 750. There are many more hunters in Mauritius, but SCIM is the only national association in that brings together so many individuals who share a common vision and ethics of hunting, including due respect for nature and wildlife. Our managing committee is a coherent and strong group of able people that works in collaboration with stakeholders from various fields in preserving those values and in dealing with a variety of subjects that have an impact on hunting and nature in Mauritius.

Notes of meetings from older committee sessions of SCIM testifiy to the wide range of hunting-related subjects that our association has dealt with.

Many of these subjects have a national impact, well beyond the limits of hunting as an individual activity. We have hence worked in collaboration with governments along decades, other organisations as well as businesses and individuals to support progress in various fields; namely regulation about firearms and ammunition, maintenance of grazing grounds, curbing poaching, best prices for venison, scabies control, insurance for hunters, hunting trophies measuring standardisation, etc.

One of the most famous traditions of SCIM for local hunters is the organisation of the trophies’ competition, which is a matter of great interest and pride for members.

Moreover, our association has hosted prestigious visitors since its inception, the most notable ones being the Duke and Duchess of York – the couple were to become later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of UK. That special hunting party was organised at Plaine Noël on 2 June 1927 for these special guests by SCIM, during the term of Mr Georges Antelme as its president.

SCIM has 750 members across Mauritius


La Société des Chasseurs de l’Ile Maurice (SCIM) est ouverte aux chasseurs détenteurs d’un permis de chasse et d’un permis de port d’armes valides. 

Les demandes d’admission doivent être faites par écrit au secrétaire de la SCIM et être soutenues par deux membres actifs de la SCIM. Ces demandes seront examinées par le Conseil de l’association, qui communique sa décision au demandeur à travers le secrétaire.  

Pour postuler et en savoir plus sur la procédure d’admission et sur les obligations des membres, veuillez cliquer ici ou utiliser la console de mise en relation ( « contact ») au bas de cette page. 


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